From the X Generation to the Next Generation
The Axcelspring™ System   Patent Pending
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The Axcelspring™ System is a torsion suspension, spring and absorbtion system for skateboards. Cars and motorcycles have suspension systems, why can't a skateboard? The Axcelspring™ System is built into the skateboard deck and is designed to alleviate the pressure that skateboarding puts on your hips, knees, ankles and back. This system can lessen the impact of hard landings and prevents reptitive stress injuries common among skaters.

Standard skateboards have cross grains to give pop and snap to the board, but no connection from the front truck to the rear truck. The Axcelspring™ inner core connects the front and back trucks to make them work together. This allows you to turn tighter, faster and harder. It helps you land tricks at harder angles and gives you more pop, snap and spring. The Axcelspring™ System absorbs the noise and friction of rough road conditions such as rocks, dips, bumps and gravel, handicap ramps and bumper to give you a smoother quieter ride. The spring is also designed to help propel you on small hills and sloped streets, giving you perpetual motion. This makes it easier to increase your distance and speed.

Similar ideas have existed since the seventies. Now we have the ability to take the technology to the next level by building the suspension system into the deck. Ride a Griffin™ Skateboard featuring the Axcelspring™ System and you will see and feel the difference.